My Work Experience with Horkans


I have been lucky to experience Digital Media through my role in the Horkans Group.  

When I am not in college studying, you will find me at my desk in the Horkans Group Head Office.  My role is to develop content for their social media pages.  This involves using PhotoShop, Premier Pro and Illustrator. 

During my time at Horkans, I have won ‘Achievements of the Week’ three times and nominated three times for ‘Visons and Values’ award.

I enjoy every area of my duties with the Horkans Group.  It is a great place for learning and developing skills.  I am very lucky that I get to put into practice what I learn in college every day.  

To create the social media content I must use Photoshop.  I never thought these words would from me but … I am loving Photoshop right now!  This is a massive development for me because during first year it was my nemesis!  It’s true the best way to learn something is practice and when you have to do something you will learn it. 

Being surrounded by a great bunch who are always happy to help is fantastic. They encourage my enthusiastic over excited ideas. 

I have created some new videos for the Horkans Garden Centre.  The biggest one was used to promote the Summer Farm.  

I used skills learned in media class -from planning my story board, filming the shots, adding a voice and editing with Premiere Pro. 

This next little video is one of the new content pieces I created.  It is a  stop-motion video.  This is still one of my favourites. 

I have been exposed to so many brilliant digital media situations since starting with Horkans.  I have hung out in the RTÉ media tent Bloom in the Park 2017.  Filmed live with Paraic Horkans from the Mid West Radio studio as he spoke on air.  

I will post more of my work created on Photoshop and Premiere soon in new blog.   

Premiere Pro Creations
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