Digital Marketing in Mayo

Digital Marketing in Mayo

I first joined DMiMayo in 2016.  It has been a huge part of the learning process for me.  We are Digital Marketing experts who join together to organise events for local businesses.  

In the beginning I welcomed guests to the events, showed them to their seats.  Now my role is to create content. Monitor the social media content for upcoming events and spread the word about what is happening.  

I tweet live from the events and engage with others tweeting in the room at the same time.  I find this part so exciting – to see the event unfold live in the digital media and in real time.

For our latest event, I created a short video to explain to explain what was happening.  This worked really well and generated good traffic to the website so people could book their tickets.  

I have teamed up with many Mayo organisations and met some extremely interesting people from Google and Amazon. 

Here’s some lovely feedback from a fellow committee member: 

“It has been a joy working with Louise while on the committee of DMiMayo throughout 2017.  She showcased many of her skills including coordinating tasks & digital marketing. 

Louise is a very reliable committee member and always shows enthusiasm in all her assigned tasks and also great at generating new ways of reaching our audience and bringing more value to our members” Sophia Mchugh Oodlique 

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