BSc. (Hons) Digital Media & Society

I am having a great time studying Digital Media & Society at GMIT Mayo Campus.  Currently in my 4th year as a mature student and my world has been opened up to so many fantastic experiences and opportunities.

The course has given me the chance to delve into all areas of digital media/marketing including photography, videography and software development.  After 1st year I knew that software development was not for me.  So in second year I was able to focus on the modules I wanted to develop my skills in.  The society aspect of the degree course has opened my eyes massively to society and the way our surroundings can influence and shape our life choices, both on and offline.


Due to the range of choice subjects the course offers I am getting a full experience of Digital media and marketing practices which I am able to bring into my work placement.  Thankfully I have been able to secure employment working in the digital marketing sector in a very busy company.  I’m also building my confidence, skills and knowledge by volunteering for a local group who support small businesses get online and make sure they get noticed online.

The best things about the Mayo campus are the location and size.  I am able to commute every day to college which is more economic for me.   The size of campus is perfect.  It allows for group class discussions, but also the lecturers are able to give more time and attention to one student.  I never feel lost or unable to seek more help when needed.   

Returning to education in my mid 30’s was a very daunting experience – but I was always determined to get a third level qualification.  The support services on the campus have been a great help pointing me in the right direction and make the right choices for me and my family.  My future now looks a lot better and I know I have an exciting career ahead doing something I enjoy. 

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